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The self-titled sophomore effort from North Carolina rockers BIG Something is an 80-minute party filled with everything jam fans love – an expertly-played, eclectic mix of rock, funk, jazz, reggae and more spaced over 12 songs, each with its own distinct vibe. Opening track “The Curse of Julia Brown” tiptoes in with a touch of synth, then lets loose a thunderous guitar riff and bass line, giving way to a tidal wave of horns. Combined with Nick MacDaniels’ commanding vocals, it gives every indication that this album is about to rock your face off. “The Undertow” feels like a day at the beach with its airy sax and sunny reggae rhythm. Raise-your-lighters-in-the-air ballad “Bright Lights” is the perfect closer. One listen brings on an urgent desire to see this tremendous six-piece tear it up live. – Relix Magazine

The new album instantly grabs your attention and never lets go, flowing through a myriad of styles effortlessly and with great enthusiasm. The songwriting just keeps getting better and better, with memorable melodies and interesting counterpoint that contribute to soundscapes that compliment the lyrics in ways that are both lush and straightforward. - The Corner News

"There is no weak track on this album. It begins unflinchingly, rising and falling, a complete album...This is the album that sets Big Something into the upper ranks, puts them on the map with the greats. I can’t recommend this album enough." - Angelica Music

"BIG Something is a rock solid release, surely fit for the accolades that’ll be coming in hot and heavy when it officially drops. Ya just can’t knock an old school live rock band kickin’ funk, jazz, and electronica with a fever—this is fun, good times music for yer earhole—no bones about it, nothin’ more to say." - 

I can hear touches of Eric Clapton’s guitar, Blind Melon’s vocals, the Allman Brothers groove, and a Funkadelic or Sublime overall vibe. Ultimately this is a young energized band that is trying to really swing for the fences with this album. Don’t believe me though, just pick any track below as this album is full of winners, with standouts like The Glow, My Volcano, The Moonshine, Good Man, and Bright Lights. - Cinemacho

"BIG Something’s sound may be difficult to describe, but the feeling you get while listening to the group isn’t. The feeling is ecstasy; the feeling you’ve been longing for all winter, or perhaps all your life. Simple joy, gratitude, and the desire to share those emotions with everyone around you are the symptoms of a BIG Something show."
- Appalachian Jamwich Magazine 

Winners - 2010 Studio Album of the Year!
"This is an expansive concept album detailing the life and times of Pinky, a figure who is part Robin Hood, part Clyde, part neighborhood Pimp. The album offers excellent musicianship and a spirit of fun as it details these adventures, proving to be a remarkable debut for Big Something."


"Comparing them to Rush, Widespread Panic, or Bruce Springsteen is lofty praise. For a band called Big Something, they surely live up to their name."

- PopBlend

"It's not a good band, it's a great band!"

- Artie Kornfeld 
co-founder of Woodstock '69, former VP Capitol Records

"Stories From the Middle of Nowhere, finds the six piece on a promising path quite early in the group’s career. From the rocking guitar work, through the tasteful sax play, on to the funky keys, and the drum and bass backbone, BIG Something is a band that doesn’t fail the promising capacity of its name."


"Rumbling saxophone solos and processed guitars that seem to ding: this is a band where the tone is BIG. Like MGMT or the Flaming Lips, there are plenty of magical moments that make you wonder “how’d they get those sounds?”

- Creative Loafing Charlotte

"Magic...Primarily driven by the combination of guitar, synth and sax, the Big Something offer a complexly interwoven series of grooves marked by rich and sonorous mixes."

- YES! Weekly Magazine

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